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POS Support

apiOmni eco system can be used to easily include loyalty and/or giftcard support in an existing POS system. Loyalty is a complex field and requires continuous innovation. It is also our business and we are totally dedicated to it. By using apiOmni to add loyalty to your existing POS, you can be sure that your POS will have the most advanced loyalty features.

If you are building a new POS or an entire business solution, apiOmni could again significantly shorten the time-to-market for the entire solution. apiOmni can provide the required eco-system like product catalog management, order management and payment integrations to quickly build a solution without requiring too much effort and resources.

Customer Acquisition/Retention

Simple Unified API stack

Cutting Edge Solutions/Ongoing Innovations

Provide omni channel product catalog

Integrate with customer loyalty wallet

Support employee clockin/clockout.

Support simple PIN based employee login.


Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to our most commonly asked questions about our stored value solutions

How can I show a loyalty wallet in my POS?

You can invoke apiOmni’s REST api to retrieve a customer’s wallet for an account. This wallet can optionally take an order as well. If an order is provided then the wallet is verified against the order and the valid offers are flagged.

This wallet can then be shown to the customer so that they can decide which offer to apply.

How is the offer applied?

Once the customer has made the offer selection, another api can be invoked to apply the offer. apiOmni will calculate the amount of discount and also apply any other promotions that me be active. Order totals and taxes are re-calculated and the updated order is sent back in the response.

Where are the orders managed?

apiOmni can either manage orders itself or can be integrated with the POS so that the orders can be pushed into it.

How are giftcards integrated?

apiOmni provides apis to sell, reload, fetch and charge a customer giftcards. Exactly when and where the giftcard is shown is dependent on how the POS handles third party tenders.
For plastic giftcards, the POS is responsible for managing the card reader and its number.

Are these open loop or closed loop giftcards?

apiOmni giftcards are closed loop giftcards, meaning they are specific to a business and can only be used at that business. The value of the giftcard is stored at that merchant and not in a financial institution.

Is there a sandbox environment for testing?

Each partner account is entitled to 3 test accounts. The payments for test accounts act like real payments but are not actually charged. Additionally, all apiCalls are tracked and retained in the database for 3 days. These api calls have headers, request and response parameters and can be viewed in the partner portal.