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apiOmni includes a ready-to-go online ordering component that is not just for restaurants but can just as easily be used for retail eCommerce. Designed for easy integration with In-Store POS systems, it is pre-integrated with Clover but can just as easily be integrated with other POS systems. This eliminates the need to have separate order tablets and instead orders can be pushed right into the POS system. An in-built interface to a native catalog and order management system allows online ordering system to also function in stand-alone mode as well.

Online ordering system is also seamlessly integrated with the loyalty wallet as well as campaign management. Customers get points for their purchases whether they shop online or offline. You can easily target customers who placed online orders (or did not) with our campaign management.

Customer Acquisition/Retention

Simple Unified API stack

Cutting Edge Solutions/Ongoing Innovations

Supports multiple themes

Fully integrated with loyalty program

Pre integrated with Clover

Other custom integrations possible

Pre integrated with payment providers

Native catalog and order management for stand-alone mode


Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to our most commonly asked questions about our online ordering solutions

Is online ordering system an api?

Online ordering is a combination of management interfaces (which are provided through our client portal) and a set of apis that automate various steps of the ordering process. Additionally, we have a built and ready-to-go browser based system built on top of those apis that can be used out-of-the-box.

Can online ordering system be integrated with my POS?

Yes. The online ordering system defines 2 interfaces, one to integrate an external product catalog (or menu) and another to interface with an external order management system. It is easy to write those interfaces for almost any POS that exposes an api. Once those interfaces have been written, the online system will pull catalog from your POS and push orders (after they have been paid) into your POS system.

What about payment processors?

We have currently integrated with First Data. We plan on integrating with more payment processors. Please talk to us about your processing platforms and we can expeditiously integrate with that payment processor.

Do all customers have to be part of the loyalty program?

No. Online ordering system also supports a guest checkout mode. However guest customers have to provide credit card with every purchase and no loyalty offers (e.g. promotions) apply on guest orders.

How does the online ordering system notify customers of the orders?

The online ordering system is capable of sending customer order confirmation emails. We will soon be providing text option as well. Additionally, the online ordering system sends the business owner notification regarding orders.

Can customers order online and pay in-store?

Currently online ordering system requires all orders to be paid online.