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Mobile App

apiOmni provides toolkits for iOS and Android platforms. These toolkits use our cloud based REST api but expose a more easy to use programming model. While it is perfectly possible to build your own branded mobile apps using apiOmni’s REST api directly, your time-to-market would be shortened considerably using the toolkit. Using the toolkit will allow you to focus on the presentation aspect of the app and not be distracted by the nuances of using an external api.

The toolkits also add some other useful functionality like geo-fenced based marketing, automatic location based check-in and simple one-touch re-orders.

Customer Acquisition/Retention

Simple Unified API stack

Cutting Edge Solutions/Ongoing Innovations

Provides customer facing loyalty wallet.

Integrates mobile ordering and payments.

Location based check-ins and re-ordering

Geo location based marketing

Surprise and delight features

Allow managed content to displayed

Available for iOS and Android platform


Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to our most commonly asked questions about our mobile App solutions

But why do I need your toolkit?

While it is certainly possible to develop your mobile apps without the toolkit, the toolkit could significantly reduce your initial development effort and ongoing maintenance cost.

How do you support managed content?

The client can define web pages in the client portal.  These pages can have any html content including images, links and even videos.  These pages can then be retrieved through the REST api and displayed in the mobile app.

The content of these pages can be changed on an ongoing basis and the changed content gets refreshed in the app, without any modification to the app.

Are there any limitations to ordering in the mobile app?

The ordering capabilities of mobile apps is functionally equivalent to the online ordering.  This is really good because experience has shown that number of mobile orders is 2-3 times higher than the online orders.  Just like online orders, mobile orders also have to be fully paid for them to be final.

Can giftcards be used to pay for mobile orders?

Yes.  We treat giftcard as a firstclass payment tender.  If a customer has giftcards in their wallet, then the giftcard as a payment option will show up on the order payment screen.

What can I do with push notifications?

The biggest use of push notification in apiOmni is to support campaigns.  Campaign management supports push notification alongside email and texts.  So you can segment and target customers for push notification campaigns just like the other two.

What would my menu look like?

apiOmni allows the client to prepare the product catalog (aka menu) for any of the 4 support channels (Online, Mobile, Kiosk or POS).  You can have different images for categories and items and decide to include or exclude different categories or items for mobile presentation.