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apiOmni has a powerful customer database that tracks customer shopping behavior in addition to basic demographics and can rank customers in 3 simple categories – VIP customers, average customers and need attention customers – easily alerting you to customers that you may be in danger of losing.

It’s advanced loyalty system includes a powerful offer engine supporting 8 different types of offers including rewards, coupons, punchcards, clubcards, prepaid and giftcards. Clients can also create a variety of incentives to influence customer behavior.

The Intuitive campaign management supports email, text and push notification campaigns and includes 6 pre-defined, configure and forget, campaigns. Clients can use one of nine pre-designed email templates or drop their own custom html. Track offers sent through campaigns and develop follow-up campaigns. It is simple enough for anybody to use but provides plenty of flexibility for the marketing heavy weights.

A simple yet powerful survey management interface allows clients to create customer feedback surveys or get a quick thumbs up or thumbs down after providing service. Survey is also integrated with campaign management so you can send satisfaction surveys to people who shopped last month.

Customer Acquisition/Retention

Simple Unified API stack

Cutting Edge Solutions/Ongoing Innovations

Comprehensive customer database

Intuitive campaign management with 6 pre-defined campaigns.

Giftcard support with ability to customize digital giftcards.

Campaign support for emails, texts and push notification.

Easy-to-use survey engine.

Powerful offers engine


Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to our most commonly asked questions about our customer loyalty solutions

How are offers applied?

Offers are applied through api. You would call the api to download the customer’s loyalty wallet. You would then present this wallet to customer and allow the customer to select which offer. Once the offer has been selected, you would call the api to calculate the discount and apply the discount to the current order.

What are channels?

A channel is a touch point with the customer. Currently we recognize 4 different touch points or channels) which are Online, Mobile, Kiosk and POS. Any offer that is created through our offer engine can be configured to either apply to all or only some of the channels. So you can create an offer that applies only to Online channel and hence it will not be allowed to apply to any other channel.

How does a client know which offers are effective?

Everything in apiOmni is tracked. apiOmni knows when an offer is issued and when it is used. There are many different reports available that provide details of how offers are issued and used. These reports are csv files that can be downloaded and then imported into any business intelligence platform for even better visualization.

What if I don’t want to have a points based program?

apiOmni allows a client to turn off point awards for their business. This is especially useful if they want to have a punchcard based program instead of a points based program. The system also is flexible enough to exclude certain categories or items from point awards.

How do I reward customers for certain behavior?

apiOmni provides various ways to create incentives to influence customer behavior.  For example you can create incentives for certain pre-defined events such as placing first online order or enrolling through a  URL link.  Our mobile toolkit support surprise and delight paradigm where customers can be randomly surprised by an offer on a weekly basis.

Sounds awesome. Must be difficult to use?

Not at all. We designed apiOmni interfaces and our portals for people who do not necessarily have tremendous amount of experience with technology while still leaving a lot of ways for the advanced level of users to not get frustrated and bored.